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University of California Contact Numbers

Have a question? Need to talk to someone? Here are your University of California contact numbers

What are you looking for?Phone Number

Member Services for Medicare and Non-Medicare Members
call 1-888-209-7975
Provider Services for Medicare and Non-Medicare Members
call 1-888-209-7975
ID Card and Eligibility
call 1-888-209-7975
Medical Claims
call 1-888-209-7975
Claim Form for UBH Claims
call 1-888-209-7975
For PLUS Members to Change a Primary Care Physician
call 1-888-209-7975
Anthem Lumenos Qualified Healthcare Expense (QHE)
call 1-888-209-7975
Continuity of Care - Transition of Care
call 1-888-209-7975
Pre-Authorization Review
call 1-888-274-7767
Behavioral Health Services through Optum Health
call 1-888-440-UCAL
or 1-888-440-8225

Applies to our Anthem Blue Cross PLUS, Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Anthem Lumenos PPO with HRA and Anthem Blue Cross PPO without RX plans only

Behavioral Health Services through Anthem Blue Cross
call 1-800-728-9498

Applies to our Core (Medicare and Non-Medicare) and High Option Supplement to Medicare plans only

What are you looking for?Phone Number

call 1-866-947-0104
Pharmacy Mail Order
call 1-877-426-1098
Pharmacy Part D (Medicare members only)
call 1-866-470-6265
Specialty Pharmacy
call 1-800-870-6419
PLUS American Specialty Health Plan (ASHP) (Non-Medicare members only)
call 1-800-678-9133
24/7 NurseLine
call 1-800-700-0197
or 1-800-977-0027
Future Moms (a 360° Health Program)
call 1-866-664-5404
Anthem Blue Cross PLUS Guest Membership Program
call 1-800-827-6422

Who to call when traveling outside of the US:

Members may use the international toll-free number
call 1-800-810-2583
or 1-800-810-BLUE

NOTE: Plan contacts and phone numbers may change at any time.

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