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Blue Distinction Centers and Centers of Medical Excellence

When you're choosing a hospital, performance counts. Many specialty care providers in the Anthem network have earned one (or more) of the quality awards below. Each award is only presented to facilities that pass a rigorous review of their processes and performance. Over and over, they've proven their expertise at delivering quality care. That could mean fewer complications, fewer readmissions and higher survival rates. Look for these awards as you weigh your health care options.

For SISC members, bariatric surgery must be performed at a hospital that has received either the Blue Distinction Centers or Blue Distinction Centers+ designation for benefits to be available.  Hip and knee replacement or certain spine surgeries must be performed at a hospital that has received a Blue Distinction Centers+ designation only. See "More Information" below about this benefit or contact the customer service number on your ID card.

Search for Blue Distinction Centers (In California only)

Blue Distinction Centers+ for Bariatric Surgery

Blue Distinction Centers+ for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

Blue Distinction Centers+ for Spine Surgeries

To search the web for California or out-of-state Blue Distinction and Blue Distinction+ facilities, please go to the National Doctor and Hospital Finder and enter the three-letter network prefix (SIF) under "Already A Member."  Under "Blue Distinction," choose Blue Distinction Centers AND Blue Distinction Centers+ for Bariatric Surgery. For hip and knee replacement or spine surgery, choose Blue Distinction Centers+ only.

Search for Anthem Centers of Medical Excellence (In California and other states)

Organ and Tissue Transplant Centers of Medical Excellence

More Information on the SISC Blue Distinction Requirements and Benefits

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